WhatsApp is a very useful and popular social media platform. Where you can send text messages and voice messages, make voice and video calls, and share images, documents, user locations, and other content with others. Most of us will use WhatsApp and if you one of them then read this article because in this article I will tell you Some useful WhatsApp tricks and hidden features that you should definitely know.

Useful WhatsApp Tricks and Hidden Features You Should Know.

1. Don’t Save Any New Number to Start Chat

What do you do if you want to start a chat on a new number?

You will say that you first save that new number in your contact and then start the chat. Correct. But you don’t have to do this lengthy process. This trick helps you to go directly to the chat page of the person whose number is not in your contact list.


Just open any browser on your mobile or PC, then search wa.me/91 and then type the mobile number of the person you want to message, now click on continue chat and it will take you to the chat page of that person.

Example :- wa.me/910123456789

2. Share YouTube Videos Smartly

Usually when we share YouTube video on WhatsApp others have to watch full video but you can show video to people from a certain time if you want.

It’s really simple just copy the url of that YouTube video and then type ?t= and then type the time in seconds at the end of the url without space and then share it.

For example :- https://youtu.be/dmFwB0WEEDY?t=60

Remember that the time is to be typed in seconds.

3. Save WhatsApp Massages and File in Your WhatsApp

What do you do if you want to save a WhatsApp message or file?
You can either take a screenshot of the message or save the file in your file manager or on the chat page of someone you trust, right.But you can actually save any WhatsApp file or message in your WhatsApp without sending it to anyone or taking a screenshot. I’ll tell you how?

Just create a group of 2 or 3 people and after creating the group, exclude those people from your group, now you can save any message or file in this group.

4. Hear Voice Massages in Private

I’m sure most of the WhatsApp user may know this trick but if you don’t know then don’t worry I tell you.

WhatsApp plays voice messages in loudspeaker mode by default and if you are in public place you can’t listen to voice massage but with this trick you can easily listen to the voice massage privately whenever you want.

Just press the play button and hold the smartphone towards your ear as if you are making a call. Immediately, voice message playback will switch to the earpiece and you can continue listening to voice messages in complete isolation.

5. Record Audio Massage Hands-free

If you love to send WhatsApp voice messages then you must know this trick because holding down the microphone button while sending a voice message is irritating.

Simply tap and hold on the microphone button for a few seconds (as shown in the image below), until the lock symbol appears. Once the lock symbol appears, simply slide your finger towards it and it will start recording without hold down your microphone button.

6. Listen Voice Messages in 1.5x and 2x

You can listen to voice messages in 1.5x and 2x speeds. To do this, play a voice message, then you will see a 1x icon next to the play button. Tapping on it once will play your voice message at 1.5x speed and on tapping twice, your voice message will play at 2x speed.


7. Hide WhatsApp Media from Gallery

If you receive tons of images and videos in your WhatsApp and you don’t want to show these media in your gallery then you can do this using this tricks.

First go to settings then go to chat and then you will get option of “media visibility”, turn this option off, now your WhatsApp media will not be visible in your phone”s gallery.

Settings>Chat>Media Visibility



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So these are 6 useful tricks and hidden features of WhatsApp. I hope these tricks will enhance your WhatsApp experience. Share this article with your friends and family members.

Thank you.

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