Most of us use android phones if you are also an Android user then you should read this article once because in this article I will share some useful and interesting smartphone tricks that you should know.

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Best smartphone tricks that you should know.

Trick 1

I bet you don’t know this trick. What do we do when we have to share a message on a new number?

First of all we save the new number in our phone then start messaging that person. But with this trick, you can skip this long step and start messaging directly on the new number.

Just open any browser on your mobile or PC, then search and then type the mobile number of the person you want to message, now click on continue chat and it will take you to the chat page of that person.

Example :-

Trick 2

If you share any YouTube video with your friends or family and you want them to start watching this video from a specific time.

It’s really simple just copy the url of that YouTube video and then type ?t= and then type the time in seconds at the end of the url without space and then share it.

For example :-

Remember that the time is to be typed in seconds.

Trick 3

What do you do if you want to save any file on your WhatsApp?

You must have taken a screenshot of that file or made a backup. Right.

Now you don’t need to do all this work, you can save it in your WhatsApp chat. First create a group of 2 or 3 people and after creating the group, exclude those people from your group, now you can save any message or file in this group.

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