8 Best chrome flags which you should enable right now.

If you’re using Chrome browser then you might hear about ‘Chrome Flags’. Chrome has a lot of hidden features in the form of chrome flags. If you’re not familiar with what chrome flags then simply put these are experimental features which haven’t been released official and you can turn on these using chrome flag settings.

In this article I’ll show you 8 best chrome flags which can enhanced your browsing experience.

How to access Chrome Flags Settings?

  1. Open your Chrome browser.
  2. Type the URL chrome://flags in the search bar.
  3. Press enter and you are in Chrome Flags Settings.
  4. Now search the features name that we’re going to talking about in chrome flags search bar.

Let’s begin the article without any ado.

1. Force Dark Mode for Web Contents

Best chrome flags


If your android phone running on android 10 version then you get dark mode feature in your phone, but this feature can not enable dark mode in the browser.

This flag forcefully enable dark mode in all websites and give you the best possible browsing experience.

Use this tag to find the flag –  #enable-force-dark


2. Tab Hover Card Images

Best chrome flags


This flag show the preview of the tab in the form of image and this will be of the exact area of the page. This flag is very useful when you use multiple app at a time.


Use this tag to find the flag –  #tab-hover-card-images


3. Enable Reader Mode


Another great features of the chrome browser. If you read so much articles on the internet then I’m sure that distracting elements like ads and sidebar content will make difficult to read articles.

After enable reader mode flag you will able to read article without any advertisement.

Use this tag to find the flag –  #enable-reader-mode


4. Reading List


This flag is also for those who read a lot article on the internet. I am sure to save your article on the internet you will use bookmark features.

After enable this article there is one another option added in your bookmark option that is ” Add To Reading List”. After add you article in reading list you can read your article later.

Use this tag to find the flag –  #read-later

5. Pull-to-refresh gesture


We all use to pull down gesture to refresh pages in the chrome browser. Now you can use it in your chrome desktop browser with the help of “Pull to refresh gesture” flag.

Simply enable the “pull to refresh” flag and then relaunch your browser, That’s it. Now  when you swipe two finger down on your track-pad your page will be refresh.

Use this tag to find the flag –  #pull-to-refresh

6. Parallel Downloading


If you’re fed up with your download speed then this flag can boost your download speed and save your time.

It is pretty simple to enable this flag. Go chrome flags setting and in the search bar search “Parallel Downloading” and then enable it, After restart your browser you will be able to enjoy this feature.


7. Experimental Quic protocol


Another great feature of google chrome. With the help of this flag you can enjoy the faster browsing web experience. Now do keep in mind that this only works with websites that are optimized to make full use of this protocol.

Use this tag to find the flag –  #enable-quic

8. Smooth Scrolling


Have you ever noticed that your scrolling is getting sluggish.

Then with the help of this flag you can fast your scroll and enjoy the enhanced scrolling experience.

Use this tag to find the flag –  #smooth-scrolling


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