Best Music Player App for Android Smartphones

Hi guys! welcome to my website In this article I’ll show you Best Music Player for Android phones. Normally Android phones come with a default Music Player but the default music player may not be provide you satisfactory equalizer or it’s user interface may not be convenient.

Best Music Player for Android Devices.

1. Boom Music Player


  • Play music from tour Local Library, Spotify, Tidal, Radio or Cloud
  • Immersive 3D Surround Sound, Full Bass & EQs On Any Headphones
  • Stream from Premium Music Services with 3D Surround Sound
  • Control Your Music And FX At Your Finger Tips
  • Listen To Thousands of Radio Stations & Your Favorite Podcasts
  • Perfect Tuned For Different Headphones Types.
  • Handcrafted EQs for every music grnre 

2. Pi Music Player


  • Discover & Search among Millions of YouTube music
  • All new floating video player to enjoy YouTube music videos while using other app
  • Best Music Player with Extraordinary Features and Unique Customizations
  • Beautiful Crafted Intuitive Music Controls
  • Rich Equalizer with 10 presets


3. Musicolt Music Player


  • No ads
  • Multiple Queues
  • Powerful Equalizer
  • Stunning Widgets

4. Gom Audio


  • Sensational Music Player
  • Sync Lyrics Viewer & Editor
  • Powerful Sound and Sound Effect
  • Popular Podcast
  • Other Basic Function
  • Smart Lock Screen

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